Top Up Crypto to Pay Coinbase

Payment Option 1 – Recommended for the United Stated of America (USA) Customers

Create an account with Coinbase (USA & Worldwide Customers ) – Click Here to Register Now

How to Create a Coinbase Account [STEP-BY-STEP]

Coinbase Tutorial: How To Buy Tether (USDT)

Coinbase Tutorial: How To Send Tether (USDT)

Now you have USDT in your Coinbase account !! It's time to make the payment for your order.

Pay with USDT Coin - Coinbase

Step 1. Place the order

Step 2. Use the following QR code to make the payment - Refer attached videos for payment process

Add your order number as a note when you make the payment. ( Payment amount should be the final invoiced amount after discount & it has to be paid in USDT coin)

Our USDT Address coinbase – 0x903E099eC11E0d249190a55F2B6AB4CC996B3e1f